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Opening times for the New Year

Brief update here: We’ll be re-open from Saturday the 8th of January. Our opening hours for the new year will be: Tues – Fri: 10.30am – 5.30pm, Sat: 10.30am – 6pm. Thanks to everyone for a good 2010; looking forward … Continue reading

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A response to the ‘Check Your Cheddar’ Post

Morning friends! Following my cheddar related rant, I was gently surprised to find a little note on my personal facebook profile left by the British Cheese Board.  We had a civilised chat, and they’ve agreed to allow me to publish … Continue reading


Check Your Cheddar

‘Check Your Cheddar’ goes the catchphrase of the latest campaign launched by the British Cheese Board, after their research had revealed that the UK, traditional home of Cheddar, actually imported 130,000 tonnes of the stuff last year, and that near … Continue reading

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I Know thee well enough, thy name is Single Gloucester-

I’m desperate to avoid giving the impression that traditional UK cheesemaking is a tale of never-ending woe, so I thought I would profile one of the British cheeses that has it all; an auspicious beginning, a problematic second act and … Continue reading


Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

I thought I would start off profiling the artisanal cheeses that we sell at Capeling and Co with one of the best territorial cheeses that is being made on our doorstep.  Well, actually I wanted to start with Cheddars but … Continue reading


Let them eat cake

There are many small pleasures in being an artisanal cheesemonger.  Being able to spend fifteen minutes with someone tasting their way through the family tree of cheddar.  Tracking down a cheese that was tasted once on holiday a long time … Continue reading

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Caramelised Shallot and Fourme d’Ambert tatin

Here’s a recipe I tried from Patricia Michelson’s book, The Cheese Room – she owns and runs La Fromagerie, a pair of artisan cheesemongers in London.  What attracted me to Caramelised shallots with Fourme d’Ambert on flaky pastry was less … Continue reading

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